Clevero + Xero

Automatically Track Your Finances… So Your Team Can Get Back To Work

No Matter Your Business Processes Keep Your Finances In Sync

✓ Sync Everything, Not Just Invoicing

Simply connect Xero to Clevero to view, edit and report on all aspects of your business’s bookkeeping or accounting. Sync tracking categories like tax codes, currencies, billing IDs, branding and more in one place.

✓ Staff Work In A Single Interface 

Forget spreadsheets and paper trails. Operational staff can do it all inside Clevero. Sync timesheets, leave applications, purchase orders and more with our easy-to-use dashboard. Saving your team time as they never need to log into Xero.

✓ Smash Process Complexity

Your process complexity with invoicing, like split invoices, milestones, automation triggered off invoice payment etc. can all live in Clevero, and be seamlessly synced over to Xero.

✓ Automate Without Limits

No matter your process or how you want to work, Clevero has you covered. Convert jobs to invoices, or sales to invoices, or appointments to invoices. We work with you to make sure your Xero integration is set up the way YOU want it so you don’t need to worry.

Supercharge Daily Work With Smart Features Via Your Xero Integration

✓ One-Click Invoice Dispatch From Your CRM

Never miss an invoice again. Automatically trigger branded invoices from our built-in invoice builder. Choose your ‘theme’ and let the integration do the heavy lifting.

✓ Keeping Data In Lockstep

Sync your contacts, clients, suppliers, staff and more between Clevero and Xero with one-click integration so you stay connected to your community and on top of the day-to-day operation of your business.

✓ Customise Your Dashboard To Suit You

We’ll set-up your dashboard to display what matters most to you. See operation records all in one place. View Projects with no invoice in Xero, or jobs with unpaid or paid invoices without needing to leave your CRM.

✓ Super Easy Setup

Save time with no messy setups or broken links with Clevero + Xero. Simply enter your credentials, choose your organisation and you’re up and running.

And so much more…

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