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Consultants & Advisors

Build powerful interactions and boost efficiency with customisable client journeys

All Of Your Business Processes On One Customisable Dashboard

Relationship Management THAT COUNTS

Manage Client Data with Ease

Keep all your client’s data in one simple-to-use, customisable and organised system.

  • CRM – Host and securely store all your customer information, in one place!
  • Log Activities – Keep track of what actions have been taken with a client
  • Online Intake Form – Digitise your documents and streamline how your clients complete documents
  • Digital Signature – Reduce the time needed to have documents signed.
  • Email Direct from the system – Move away from your email client inbox and get on top of emails that have been sent to clients.

Synchronisation At Scale

Book Directly From Your Website

Reduce the time that it takes to confirm bookings and streamline your booking and let new clients seamlessly book in

  • Automated SMS Reminders – Reduce no shows with customised SMS templates to show your business is serious.
  • Automated Email Reminder – Add the extra personal touch, send out automated post-consultation emails.
  • Appointment Management – View individual and your team’s calendar, easily manage your next appointment.
  • Video Conferencing – Working remotely? No problem, use our video conferencing tool to cater for those 1 on 1 consultation.


Job and Task Management

Get on top of your jobs and tasks in one place, use our Kanban Boards to easily track where important jobs and tasks are.

  • Add Subtasks – Manage your larger jobs easier with adding multiple tasks.
  • Kanban Board – Easily move jobs and tasks to a different stage of the cycle with our Kanban Cards.
  • To-Do Dashboard – View all your “To Do’s” in one place.
  • Track and Manage Deadlines – Track your team’s projects and manage timelines with ease, don’t miss another deadline!

keep your finances in sync

Take the Headache Out of Collecting Payment

Forget receipt books and ledgers, Clevero allows to you accurately track every payment and donation, as well as your operating costs.

  • Accept and Receipt Cash Payments – Accurately record each payment, as well as issue a digital receipt with a couple of clicks. Balancing and banking cash has never been easier.
  • Consolidate Digital Payments – Whether a bank transfer, EFTPOS or card transaction, Clevero makes consolidation easy by generating a unique ID for every transaction.
  • Accept Online Payments – Embed online credit card processing directly within your website, increasing security for your team and providing members with extra convenience.
  • Track Expenses – Log your bills, costs and other operating expenses to provide a clear financial picture at any time. Your accountant will love it!

and much more…


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