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Auto-Assign & Track Your Tasks Like a Pro

Automating task assignments through a CRM allows project managers and alike to delegate responsibilities with ease. For example, as soon as a new project is entered into the system, tasks can be automatically assigned to team members based on their roles, expertise, or availability. Task deadlines and progress updates can be automated to keep everyone in the loop. 

Key benefits:

  • Automate unnecessary manual task assignment
  • Reduce missed deadlines or milestones 
  • Facilitate data-driven task insights

Say Goodbye to Communication Chaos

Seamless Communication Through Automation

Clevero can automatically schedule and send notifications, reminders, or emails for project milestones, meetings, and deadlines. These communications can be set up to go out to specific team members, stakeholders, or even customers when relevant. Document sharing and collaborative work can also be facilitated through Clevero’s built-in tools such as our Quote Builder. 

Key benefits:

  • Streamlined information sharing within the team and with stakeholders 
  • Real-time feedback loops for continuous improvement
  • Eliminate miscommunication 

Unlock Efficiency & Mitigate risk

Navigate Challenges With Actionable Alerts

Clevero can help in the early identification of potential project risks. When certain triggers or thresholds are met—like delays in task completion or budget overruns—automated alerts can be sent to project managers and stakeholders. Enabling timely interventions and course corrections, thereby minimising the impact of the risks.

Key benefits:

  • Enable proactive risk identification 
  • Automate alerts to ensure immediate attention to potential issues
  • Facilitate rapid decision-making to mitigate risks

More Than Just Another Project Management Software

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say About Clevero

"We've saved at least an HOUR PER DAY and that's each staff member"
Mary Barker
Super Health Ensemble
"As a manager, I need to see what's going on... With Clevero, I am able to see the full overview."
Mitch Hiam
Balanced Aged Care Specialists


With All Your Apps

Clevero connects all your other business tools together to create a seamless technology stack

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