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About Us

We started this journey with a mission: Allow businesses to scale, streamline their processes, and do so efficiently and affordably.  

If one word could sum up Clevero, it would be CARE.

We care about your business. We care about your staff. We care about freeing up time to work on things that truly matter to you. With this in mind, we translate that care directly into our platform.  

The team at Clevero strives every day to make running businesses easier, more efficient, and scalable.


Our Story

Our journey begins with our founder, Lez Yeoh, working on a CRM implementation.  The business had gone live and required customisations.  Lez “towed the company line” and quoted the hourly rates.  The client’s reaction is etched into his brain to this day, and was the catalyst to found Clevero.

Having spend the last 14 years automating processes and customising systems for businesses, the feedback was always the same: 

  • Why is it so complicated to customise this system?
  • Why can’t there just be one system that just works for my business?
  • Why do I need to change my process to fit the software?
  • This is going to cost HOW MUCH?!

That was the breaking point. Clevero business management software was developed with customisation, scalability and ease of management in mind — Bringing a wealth of experience building technical solutions for large organizations, and understanding the needs of small operators, Clevero is on the mission to make tailored solutions accessible to all businesess.

Our Leadership Team

With a close-knit management team of entrepreneurs, managers and world-class developers, we can assure – you’re in the right hands.

Lez Yeoh,
Founder and CEO

Jaemes McArthur,
Head of Growth

Kit Allen,
Head of Technology

Michael Stikovic,
Head of Professional Services

Xavier Mejia,
Head of Customer Success

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We know that this software will revolutionise how you run your small business because we’ve already had such great feedback from our clients.
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