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Who Are We?

Pioneering business systems for the modern enterprise.

The inception of Clevero can be traced back to a defining moment in the 15+ year-long professional career of our co-founder, Lez Yeoh. Confronted with a client visibly stunned at the costs and complexity of customising a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This moment was a revelation for Lez and laid the foundation for Clevero.

Supported by a dynamic team of experts collectively contributing more than five decades of experience in enterprise business systems, Clevero set forth to tackle questions that have long plagued businesses:

  • What renders the customisation of existing systems so egregiously intricate?
  • Can’t there be a single system that aligns with my business needs?
  • Why must operational protocols conform to software constraints rather than the converse?
  • How can this be so expensive?

Designed with an emphasis on customisability, scalability, and ease of management, Clevero aims to bridge the gap between technological prowess and practical needs. Drawing upon a rich background in crafting technical solutions for larger enterprises, while empathising with the unique requirements of smaller businesses, Clevero is on a mission to democratise tailored software solutions for organisations of all sizes.


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Our Mission

Our mission is at the heart of everything we do.

At the core of Clevero’s journey is a singular, compelling mission: to empower businesses to scale, optimise their operations, and achieve all this in a cost-effective manner.

We’re not just building software; we’re investing in your business growth, your team’s well-being, and your time. Our dedication to these elements is not merely an abstract ideal but the very fabric that weaves our platform together.

Driven by this ethos of care, the Clevero team is committed to revolutionising the way businesses operate—making them more efficient, more manageable, and infinitely scalable, each and every day.

Our Founding Team

With a close-knit management team of entrepreneurs, managers and world-class developers, we can assure – you’re in the right hands.

Lez Yeoh,
Founder and CEO

Jaemes McArthur,
Head of Growth

Kit Allen,
Head of Technology

Xavier Mejia,
Head of Customer Success

We'll Let Our Customers Take It From Here

Our clients have used our customisable system to maximise business processes, expand their reach and scale their businesses across Australia and overseas.

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