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Logistics & Fleet Management

Clevero provides everything you need to run your hands on business in one place.

"We've Saved 12,000 Hours So Far!"

– Micheal Lewington

Owner, National Forklifts

Relationship Management

Manage Enrolments & Member Data with Ease

Keep all your member information in one simple, secure, and tailored system that gives you the full picture.
  • Member CRM – Collect, store and maintain member data with ease, including a full history of enquiries, bookings, activities, services, donations, payments and contact hours.
  • Online Enrolment Forms – Digitise your enrolment process to avoid data entry errors and double handling. Host forms directly on your website for easy access.
  • Email Direct from the system – Eliminate inbox chaos by having a full audit trail of all correspondence with members. Utilize our Mailing List functionality to send your Newsletters directly from the system.

Calendar & Scheduling

Take the Headache Out of Activity Management

Coordinate all aspects of your activities from a single, centralized system that everyone can use.

  • Activity Management – Create your activities individually, or in bulk via our schedule builder. Seamlessly manage all logistics including delivery (virtual/in person), invitations, reminders, and resource allocation.
  • Take Registrations – Provide access to members on a pay-as-you-go, donation, term/program, or voucher basis. Maintain a full record of all registrations, payments and available spots.
  • Track Attendance – Allow staff, instructors, facilitators & service providers to track attendance in seconds via a dedicated interface that limits information on a need-to-know basis.
  • Manage Resources – Leverage our global calendar to efficiently manage your rooms/spaces as well as staff and instructor or facilitator availability.

Payment Management

Take the Headache Out of Activity Management

Forget receipt books and ledgers, Clevero allows to you accurately track every payment and donation, as well as your operating costs.

  • Accept and Receipt Cash Payments – Accurately record each payment, as well as issue a digital receipt with a couple of clicks. Balancing and banking cash has never been easier.
  • Consolidate Digital Payments – Whether a bank transfer, EFTPOS or card transaction, Clevero makes consolidation easy by generating a unique ID for every transaction.
  • Accept Online Payments – Embed online credit card processing directly within your website, increasing security for your team and providing members with extra convenience.
  • Track Expenses – Log your bills, costs and other operating expenses to provide a clear financial picture at any time. Your accountant will love it!

Flexible Reporting

Impact Reporting At Your Fingertips

No more collating files, documents, and receipts to generate social impact reporting. Clevero gives you the full picture with just a couple of clicks.

  • Track Membership – Generate reports on both active and overall members, including demographic information, new enrolments per month, quarter or year, and much more.
  • Track Activity – Report on activity volume, participation, services offered and delivered, as well as outcomes per program, period or organization wide.
  • Track Engagement – Track newsletter & correspondence interactions, create a portfolio of media coverage,  and record your social media reach for easy reporting.
  • Track Hours – Utilize our time tracking features to track staff and volunteer contact hours per activity, program, period or organization wide.

and much more…


Hear What Our Customers Have To Say About Clevero

"We can generate our reports in just a couple of clicks, which used to take HOURS PER WEEK... We have better traceability and staff can be routed straight from the system, it's a massive time saver!"
Michael Lewington
Managing Director, National forklifts
"We estimate we've saved 12,000 HOURS so far... The team at Clevero took the time to really understand our business and our needs. The Clevero system has allowed my business to grow to what it is today!"
Michael Lewington
Managing Director, National forklifts


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