How Super Health Ensemble
Saves An Hour A Week Using Clevero

Mary Barker | Managing Director

Learn how Mary and her team have utilised the power of business process automation to improve operational workflows, drive efficiency and deliver exceptional  customer satisfaction

"Clevero has been a game changer for our business"

Meet Super Health

Super Health Ensemble is a unique service provider that works with medical specialists around Australia who have patients who require urgent or critical medical procedures but cannot afford to pay for them. 

Lead by Mary Barker, and her passionate team of consultants, they facilitate the early release of superannuation on compassionate grounds, doing all the paperwork required so the patient can access first-class healthcare when they need it most.

Helping hundreds of patients every year, Super Health Ensemble lives and breathes a high touch customer experience. Coupled with the need to effectively navigate complicated procedural and administrative processes as scale, close monitoring, tracking and attention to detail are critical to delivering on their customer promise.


The Challenge

Mary started Super Health Ensemble on an Excel spreadsheet, but as her organisation began to grow she realised they needed a system that could “do more things” and automate most of the heavy lifting. 

Working with manual processes, and no dedicated case management or email automation system, Mary and her team were doing everything by hand. With business expansion, work was starting to become harder to keep track of, leading to longer service lead times, and the potential for error.  

Additionally, with a lack of structured systems, reporting was becoming increasing more time-consuming and impacting their ability to make business decisions with confidence.

From enquiries, to claims applications, to internal/external emails and transactions, Mary knew she needed a better way.

Having explored the alternatives and finding they were either too expensive or not able to provide a holistic solution for all aspects of her business operations, she contact Clevero.

The Solution

Much like most of our clients, Mary was looking for a way to centralize information and automate away manual tasks.

Working with Clevero’s expert team, Super Health Ensemble were able to fully digitize their existing manual process into a single system.

Building on existing Clevero modules, and the platform’s Low Code capabilities, we created an end-to-end solution including:

This solution not only streamlined processes, but provided better outcomes for patients and the Super Health Ensemble team. With a fully automated system, Mary got peace of mind knowing her business was covered.

The Results


Substantial Growth Seen Within One Month


Over 1 Hour A Day Per Staff Member


Platform Paid For Itself Within The First Month

Since incorporating Clevero, Super Health Ensemble uses the system “for everything”. From enrolling a new patient to processing grant paperwork to sending emails and more. The platform allows Mary and her team the peace of mind and easy of use as they navigate the superannuation fund early release process. But the benefits don’t stop there, they have also:

Finally, our all-in-one solution provided not only improved and streamlined processes, but provided Mary and her team a 360-degree view of their organisation so everyone from staff to patients to stakeholders has a better overview of what’s happening. 

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