How Brentwood House Saves HOURS Per Week
Using Clevero

Discover how our all-in-one dashboard and fully customisable system has transformed this Neighbourhood House Community Centre

"It just makes the day-to-day processes we need to do nice and smooth"

Neighbourhood House is a local not-for-profit organisation that provides social, educational and recreational activities for their local community by providing welcoming and supportive spaces.  With over 200,000 Victorians visiting one of the 400+ Neighbourhood Houses each week this inspirational organisation aims to empower the community to unite and achieve their goals.


Brentwood House encourages fun, learning and engagement through external venue hire and participation in in-house programs/activities such as sewing groups, playgroups, exercise classes and so much more. 


With so many moving pieces, Jo Davey, the manager of Brentwood House saw a need for an all-in-one business solution, moving away from spreadsheets and paper diaries into a “one-stop shop” so all of their room usage, venue hire, enquiries, enrolments and transactions were in one easy-to-access place.


After working with Clevero’s team of experts, who were able to customise Brentwood Houses’ automated CRM system to suit their individual needs, this organisation was able to improve their onboarding processes and day-to-day workflows while giving them their time back. Allowing the staff to return to serving their community with a “more personalised service”.


Watch our full case study video below to learn more.

The Challenge

A lack of systems and outdated processes were causing multiple problems for Jo and her team at Brentwood House.

Working with manual processes, such as spreadsheets and paper diaries, staff spent unnecessary time and resources on manually booking external venue hires, managing in-house programs and handling the day-to-day transactions. This left room for error and missing data necessary for the smooth running of the house itself. 

With increased community interest, Jo needed a platform that would “grow with the sector” and be easy to use for her staff who were spending their day manually sorting through admin tasks

Having explored other platforms in the market, Jo found that they were either too tricky for her team to use or the platform didn’t have enough customisation abilities for Brentwood Houses’ unique automation requirements.

The Solution

Having seen an urgent need for a more centralised business process solution, Jo reached out to Clevero with a list of requirements. 

Building on existing modules, and Clevero’s configuration capabilities, an end-to-end solution was created including:

This fully automated solution not only streamlined processes but provided better outcomes for the staff, facilitators and participants, but increasing community satisfaction and overall engagement.  

The Results


Expand Program Offering


Over An Hour Each week


Increased Community Engagement

Since incorporating Clevero, Brentwood House has been able to expand their in-house activities/program offering to better serve their community. They have saved over an hour a week in unnecessary admin tasks, freeing up staff to focus on community outreach and further engagement. Jo, herself states that her team have saved potentially “a week each month in what the staff are able to do.”

But the benefits don’t stop there, they have also

Finally, our all-in-one solution provided not only improved and streamlined processes, but provided Jo and her team a 360-degree view of their operation so everyone from staff to facilitators to stakeholders has a better overview of what’s happening in the organisation.

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