Discover How Jane Hill Bridal Saved
6-Hours Per Week Using Clevero

From ‘multiple spreadsheets’ to automatically generating invoices and purchase orders with one click!

"We started seeing value straight away!"

From ‘multiple spreadsheets’ to automatically generating invoices and purchase orders with one click!

Established in 1990, Jane Hill Bridal is a family-owned Australian business focussing on creating elegant wedding dresses for the modern bride. 

From small beginnings, Jane Hill has grown quickly and expanded globally with their custom gowns now being stocked in 50+ locations around the world.

Noticing their manual processes and potential for error could impact their rapid growth, this family-owned business went looking for a solution and reached out to one of our partners, Type 5 for help. Michael and his expert team then seamlessly implemented the Clevero Platform to help take care of Jane Hill’s back-end business processes, employing time-saving automation and improving traceability.

By implementing Clevero, Type 5 has saved Jane Hill Bridal “six hours per week” alone by no longer having to manually create purchase orders.

Watch our full case study video below to learn more.

The Challenge

A lack of systems and outdated business processes began causing problems for Jane Hill Bridal during its rapid expansion following Covid 19.

Working with manual processes, such as spreadsheets and email-based ordering, staff spent unnecessary time and resources on tedious manual data entry. This left room for human error and missing orders with too many people adjusting and manually changing spreadsheets and order forms. 

They also spent hours, manually creating invoices in Xero by copying and pasting client data from a spreadsheet into the platform. 

With increased growth, the team at Jane Hill needed a solution that would mitigate human error, consolidate ordering processes in one location and streamline communications between the manufacturer, the store and the customer. 

The Solution

Having seen an urgent need for a more centralised business process solution, Jane Hill reached out to Type 5, our software solutions partner for help. After assessing some of the key challengers facing Jane Hill, Michael and his expert team set out to set up a value-driven solution implementing Clevero’s powerful, all-in-one business process software. 

Building on existing modules, and Clevero’s configuration capabilities, an end-to-end solution was created including:

This fully automated solution not only streamlined processes but provided better outcomes for the staff, customers and manufacturers, but increasing community satisfaction and overall engagement.  

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The Results


Delivered actionable value straight away


Over 6 Hours saved each week


Within 2 weeks the solution was up and running

Since working with Type 5 to implement the Clevero solution, Jane Hill has streamlined their complex business processes giving their growing business he perfect foundation for continued expansion. 

The Jane Hill team “started seeing value straight away,” with their new purchase ordering workflow solution delivering value within the first couple of weeks. Starting with quality control, Type 5 was able to free up valuable staff time, consolidate manual-based processes and lessen the possibility for error by implementing Clevero.  

But the benefits don’t stop there, Jane Hill have also:

Finally, our all-in-one solution provided not only improved and streamlined complex manual processes but provided Jane Hill Bridal a 360-degree view of their operation so everyone from staff to clients to manufacturers has a better experience as the business continues to grow in Australia and internationally. 

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