How Balance Aged Care Specialists Manage Their Entire Workflow With Clevero

Discover how seamless automation is transforming this growing aged care business.


"Clevero has made everything a lot easier and cleaner for our team."

Balance Aged Care Specialists are a family-run Australian business specialising in financial planning, specifically aged care or retirement village placements, estate management and private home care planning. Over the last 23 years, this team of specialists have helped over 23,000 clients navigate the later stages of life, assisting with all their aged care needs.

With a mobile national team, offering a range of services including in-home consultations throughout Australia, as well as online appointments and free phone assistance. Balance Aged Care Specialists has many moving parts and needed a complex, automated system that could keep up and function to suit their multi-faceted needs.

After working with Clevero, this business was able to improve their overall client journey “from beginning to end” and scale to new heights with a system that works for them.

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The Challenge

A lack of automated systems was presenting multiple challenges for Balance Aged Care Specialists 

Working with paper documents and with no centralised document management, files and document sharing was time-consuming and inefficient slowing down the client journey from beginning to end.

With over 23,000 clients helped over 23 + years, there was no manageable way of overseeing the clients and storing their information. 

Finally, with so much movement within the business, Manager, Mitch Hiam was struggling to see all the ins and outs of the day-to-day operations from mobile staff locations to back office management to leads and conversion tracking.

The Solution

Balance Aged Care Specialists reached out to Clevero with a focus on building an automated system that would work for them and allow them to scale and grow nationally. 

Building on existing modules, and Clevero’s configuration capabilities, an end-to-end solution was created including:

This solution not only streamlined their complex business processes, but provided better outcomes for clients, increasing customer satisfaction and movement or growth.

The Results

Return On Investment

ROI Calculated To Be Reached In Less Than 1 Year


Saved 30 Minutes Of Admin Work Per Client 

Business Processes

10x More Efficient Across The Business

Since incorporating Clevero, Balance Aged Care Specialists have seen their admin task significantly reduced, estimating that this would be at least 30 minutes per client for back of house operations and the mobile in-home teams are seeing at least 15 minutes saved per consultation not having to manually fill in paperwork or manually sort through files.  “Clevero has made accessing client information quick and easy,” says CEO, Eric Hiam.

But the benefits don’t stop there, they have also:

Finally, our all-in-one solution not only improved and streamlined overall business processes for the Balance Aged Care Specialists team, but also provided this family-owned business with the time and stability to continue building and growing helping even more clients navigate this next chapter of their lives.

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