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Running ALL aspects of your business and customer journey in one place

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How you can cut down administration staff and repetitive tasks

Automating some or ALL of your customer journey steps, saving you time and unnecessary stress

The key features inside of Clevero that are giving our clients their life back while scaling their businesses

At Clevero, we understand that no two businesses are alike, and your CRM should reflect that. This means you can customise our very own platform and your customer journey exactly the way you want. See how much time you can save TODAY by booking now.

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Our Simple All-In-One Soultion Runs Your Busienss Processes The Way You Want

Calendar & Scheduling

Take the Headache Out of Busy Scheduling

Coordinate all aspects of your calendar in one place.

  • Global Scheduler – Leverage our scheduler to efficiently manage your staff’s preferred availability or organise meetings with prospective clients.
  • Make Your Calendar Work For You – Seamlessly fill up your calendar, schedule recurring events and even build quotes in our Quote Builder.

Invoice Management

Generate, Track and Sync Invoices

Forget spreadsheets and paper timesheets, Clevero allows to you accurately generate invoices, collet payments 

  • Automatically Generate Invoices – Accurately record each invoice based on tracked time
  • Sync Invoices – Easily sync invoices to your preferred accounting platform and track payments and expenses in on place.

Flexible Reporting

Impact Reporting At Your Fingertips

No more collating files, documents, timesheets and receipts to generate reporting. 

  • Interactive Dashboard – Get the full picture in one place and download reports with just a couple of clicks.
  • Track What Matters Most – Track actual time, incident reports, payments, contacts and so much more. 

Relationship Management

Manage your CRM with Ease

Keep all your contacts, staff and prospects’ information in one simple, secure, and tailored system that gives you the whole picture.

  • Participant/Staff CRM – Collect, store and maintain important data , including a full history of touch points, contact information, emergency contacts, payments, agreed services, and preferences with Clevero.
  • Email Direct from the system – Eliminate inbox chaos by having a full audit trail of all correspondence with participants and plan managers.

and much more…

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