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The Remote Workers Checklist

Remote working or working from home is happening everywhere due to quarantine restrictions and lockdowns.  It’s a reality that all us need to adapt to, and for sure, organizations are looking forward to adopting this into their work culture in the coming weeks.

But, remote working isn’t easy. It requires workers to stay smart and follow a few important tips to stay on top of their game and perform at their best.

Therefore, we’re providing you with a simple checklist that will definitely help you to stay productive while working remotely at home.

The Remote Workers Checklist

1. Have A Comfy and Uncluttered Workspace

It’s very important while working remotely, to have the line drawn between personal time and business time. Things can get very blurry when you are working at home, there might be situations that might hinder your work.

So, we highly recommend setting up a dedicated workspace or ‘home office that’s comfortable and uncluttered to help you focus on your work and be productive.

2. Have All Information Ready and Accessible

It is obvious that productivity level drops if you often find yourself leaving your table to find important documents you need at that moment. You just can’t do your work if all important information is not readily accessible.

Make sure you have easy access to all the important documents, files, stationery, address books. Having instant access to all this will help you focus more on the task in hand and improve your performance.

3. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

After speaking to hundreds of remote workers, we realized that most of them stop interacting and engaging with their co-workers, which eventually leads to them feeling isolated and unmotivated. This is a common problem with remote workers which originates when they stop communicating with their colleagues.

To be honest, there are zero excuses for colleagues to not stay connected while at work. We have technology that is available 24/7. All major project information like goals, instructions, and deadlines should be clearly communicated to all remote workers and companies should conduct video group meetups to bring all remote workers to present together.

4. Collaborate With Colleagues

Is communication enough to maintain rapport and a positive work relationship with your colleagues?

Well, it isn’t, especially when it comes to remote working.

You might be working on a project with a group of colleagues that requires effective collaboration. When working at an office, the team is together and collaboration happens quite effortlessly and intuitively. However, while working remotely, it becomes much more difficult. Fortunately, we have many tools and technology that can help remote workers with that as well. One of the most popular among them is the wireless presentations where the team can come together and share information and ideas in real-time.

5. Have Appropriate Technology

The use of technology is imminent while working remotely, the lack of which can lead to major problems in your workflow. Remote work only functions if it delivers the same result you had while working in the office.

Therefore, to be able to stay productive, communicate, and collaborate, you should always request appropriate technology from your company.

Wrapping Up

We highly recommend you stick to this remote workers checklist to prepare a solid foundation for your remote work lifestyle. Be sure to print this out if you need a simple reminder.

If things are not going well, you can easily refer to this checklist to help you get back on track and perform like you used to.

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