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How We Helped National Forklifts Automate their Business Process

An end to end solution to manage their business and operations

Project Overview

Michael started the business as a sole trader and his business started to grow (then 2019), the sole focus was just on the business and not on the process or operations, a common problem that most small businesses face when business starts to grow, this can start to make most business unmanageable and Michael knew he had to search for a solution.

At the time processes were completed at a bare minimum and manually, no centralisation of documents or records, invoice and billing were all completed manually with pen and paper and would therefore push their invoicing and billing 2- 3 weeks behind. 

Customer service was becoming a problem as log books were all completed on paper, finding proof of delivery was at times impossible, and trying to find the correct record would be very difficult and time consuming. 

Prior to Michael engaging Clevero, Michael was exploring Salesforce, Simpro and Servicem8, these systems were not fit for purpose as they were either too expensive or were not able to provide a holistic solution that was required to operate National Forklifts.

Understanding Their Challenges To Solve

National Forklifts engaged Clevero to provide a Business Management Software Solution to support their sales and operations. Based upon their requirement for a business management software, Clevero conducted an initial consultation that identified a requirement to customise Clevero into a solution that would encompass all of their needs and run their entire administration processes from one system.

Throughout the process of identifying their requirements, Clevero identified further benefits that would not only streamline their processes but provide better outcomes for their own clients, providing greater customer satisfaction and sales, these included:

Solution & Results

Our all-in-one solution provided not only improved and streamline processes but provided Michael with more time to focus on growing the business to its full potential and the most important thing, provided time back with his family. 

Clevero implemented job management and a time tracking system, a dedicated service audit checklist, compliance checklist, machine tracking via records, asset numbers and serial number recording, dispatch and job allocation for their field service team and sales, improved record keeping of job history and records audits, training was improved with the implementation of SOP (standard operating procedures), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), a professional report that is generated at the end of each job.

When Michael approached Lez (Clevero CEO) Michael only had 3 staff, since Michael incorporated Clevero as a business management system into his company, National Forklifts has;

Maximum Growth Solution

Fast forward to 2021 and National Forklifts is set to further grow and expand, with Clevero continuing to support this growth, further implementations are being developed into the system to allow Inventory and PO Management, Supplier Management, Customer portal, Automated Invoicing and Xero Integration



Over 6000 jobs completed


Over 12000 hours saved



Over 1200+ Machines Services


Hear What Our Client Have To Say

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National Forklift & Access Solutions

“Clevero took the time to understand our business needs, the Clevero business management system has allowed my business to grow to what is today. “


National Forklift & Access Solutions
Managing Director

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